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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Snow Queen (or, Happy Birthday AGAIN!)


- white cardigan from Kohl's (several years ago)

- white embroidered 3/4 sleeve henley, Goodwill Outlet

- jeans

- Fergie boots

- pearls & crystals necklace, a gift

- silver scarf, a gift

- bracelets from Sammy Dress

So, I finally had a chance to make up the birthday lunch with my daughter at school, and once again I was going for a slightly magical look.

I kept the jeans & boots (well, different jeans) but I changed up the top. 

In fact, I've never put these two pieces together before- this cardigan is one I usually wear in the summer. I had actually bought it in preparation for a trip to the Bahamas. But I thought it worked out nicely, and it gave me the excuse to wear...

...this! It's sparkly. And it's pretty. And it looks really cool with the button-up top because that top has silver threads running through it.

I felt very royal. Suitable company for my own little princess, who was delighted to see me when I came for lunch, especially because I brought Grandpa (my dad) with me as a surprise!

The Keeping It Real moment of the day: I just about died laughing when I saw this photo afterward because it seriously looks like I'm examining my belly button. 

My toddler would be so proud.

Do you ever feel like dressing like royalty?

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