About [Wearing My] Art on My Sleeve

All About [Wearing My] Art on My Sleeve

Why start a fashion blog? Isn’t it a little narcissistic to have a whole blog of nothing but photos of yourself?

Yes. Yes, it is. Which is why I had a difficult time deciding whether or not I wanted to do this. But for me, fashion is an art form. It’s how I express my creativity. I figured I have to get dressed anyway, and I like what I wear and there are probably other women out there who like it too, so why not share it? If I didn’t, I feel like it would be sort of like an artist painting something and then showing it to a handful of people and then putting it away in a closet forever.

I also found that with all the fashion blogs out there, the one thing I kept missing from them was a sense of humor and a sense of reality. My goal is to let women know that we’re not all perfect, and that fashion should be functional and easy and fun, and that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.

Why Art on My Sleeve?

When I decided I wanted to start a fashion blog, I threw around a lot of names. My goal was to pick a name that embodied the reason why I love fashion and the reason why I wanted to start a fashion blog. “Art on My Sleeve” is a play on the saying, “Wearing my heart on my sleeve.” For me, fashion is a way to express my creativity, so it really is like wearing my heart on my sleeve. It’s saying, “This is who I am.” It’s my art, and now that it’s on a blog, it’s even more “on my sleeve” so to speak.

Plus, the whole sleeve thing- sleeves on clothes, ha ha...man, I’m such a nerd.

I also wanted to use the title to keep it real- I am a busy SAHM of four kids, and, to be blunt, I often DO have art on my sleeve. Paint, glue, markers, food...other things that I will choose not to mention...So when I get dressed, it had better be washable!

What you won’t see on [Wearing My] Art on My Sleeve:

Fancy Photography- My photographer is my timer on my Canon Powershot and the stack of Styrofoam cups on my kitchen counter upon which it is precariously perched.

Gorgeous Backdrops- My kitchen is the only room in my house with enough natural light to take a decent photo, so all photos will be taken with my pantry doors- in all their neutral glory- as my backdrop (and sometimes part of the wall because it’s not always easy to run really fast to the exact right position…but I think I’ve figured out which kitchen tile I need to stand on, so hopefully that won’t be an issue). I have no one to take oh-so-casual photos of me walking down a city street. I live in the suburbs. If I was out in the street having someone take photos of me my neighbors would probably start to avoid me.

Brand-name Clothing with Links on Where to Buy- I’ve had most of my clothes for a long time, and they come from thrift stores or from deep, deep discounted clearance sales, so it’s not like you’re going to be able to run out to the store and pick them up. But I often remember where/when I got something, and so I’ll share it if I can. Fashion for me isn’t about brands and designers. It’s about how I feel and how well the clothes work for me- for my body type, for my lifestyle, and for my creative spirit. If you like what you see, then put your own spin on it and use the clothes you have (or go thrifting for the pieces you need!)!

Current Trends- Okay, so this isn’t entirely true- if I like a trend, and it works for me (thankyouthankyouthankyou to whoever brought boots back- I LOVE being warm in the winter!) then I will embrace it; but if I’m just not feeling it (random neon-colored patterns in one outfit? Ah, nothankyou- too much 80’s traumatization to go there again) then I just won’t wear it. 

Fancy Makeup- I am a minimalist when it comes to makeup- on a daily basis you'll see me in foundation, powder, and concealer. If I'm getting dressy I'll add eyeliner and mascara, maybe even some blush if the mood strikes me. If I'm going REALLY fancy I'll bust out the eye shadow, but it is a rare occurrence. 

What you will see on [Wearing My] Art on My Sleeve:

Outfits put together with thought and creativity- I like to try new things, which is why I try to change up my outfits and put different pieces together to achieve a new look. So while you may see the same pieces used again and again, expect to see a changeup in accessories and the addition or subtraction of pieces to make something totally new. My goal is to inspire you to use what you have to keep your wardrobe fresh and fun.

Classic and Romantic Looks- These are my go-to styles:

1. Classic Sophisticated- think basic black, clean lines, a good solid pair of flattering jeans, ballet flats, pumps, etc.

2. Romantic/Mori Girl- lots of layers, lace, light colors, ruffles, antiquey touches/historic undertones...girly girly girl stuff.

Also, in the summer I have dabbled a bit in some throwback 40’s and 50’s looks. Just love those full skirts and feminine silhouettes.

Clothes That Are Comfortable and Functional- I have 4 kids, one of whom is a toddler, so I only wear clothes that are washable and comfortable! One of my goals with this blog is to prove that style and comfort CAN go together, so moms who want to look good shouldn’t let the “it’s just not practical” excuse stop them from looking great. 

Photo Bombs- Did I mention that I have four kids? Generally when you tell a toddler, “go stay over there,” they will hear, “come here and hang on my leg!” And, as I have learned, preschoolers and elementary-age kids have similar hearing problems. So expect random little people to pop up from time to time.

“Keeping It Real” Moments- These will include aforementioned photo bombs, along with some of the stories behind the pretty pictures to remind you that nothing is as perfect as it might look on the computer screen. I think there are too many blogs out there that try to portray this image of perfection- this will not be one of those blogs.

Humor- I’m a total goofball, and I think a sense of humor is key to surviving this crazy thing called life- and especially motherhood. And besides, everything is just more fun when you can laugh about it. ;-)


  1. What a great idea for a blog! Looking forward to the next installment. :-)


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