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Friday, March 7, 2014

Belting it Out

Okay. This belt. 

Clearly, this belt and I are having some issues. 

I don't know how to wear this belt. When I wear it like this, it kind of hangs under my belly and gives me a beer gut.

Not a fan of that look.

Okay, so let's move it up the waist and try it on one of my thinner sections of torso.


I don't like this so much either- see how it's kind of causing the sweater to ride up there just under the buckle?

And I don't like how the necklace is almost hitting the buckle either.

Okay, I put the sweater back in its place, but I'm still not sold on this.


- teal Banana Republic shawl front sweater, Goodwill Outlet

- necklace, gift from sister-in-law

- teal dangly stone earrings

- annoying wide brown belt, Kohl's

- brown skirt, Goodwill Outlet

- brown tights

- brown boots

Necklace close-up.

Put the belt back to Position A and added a jacket and sunglasses. I look sooooo cooool. 

And I'm glaring at my belt again. GAH!

And this is the face I make when I FINALLY find the right position for the belt, but I have already spent way too long on this dumb photo shoot. 

Curse you, brown belt.

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