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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hat Tricks


- Boatneck boucle sweater from Victoria’s Secret (which, incidentally, has an actual zipper running all along the opening at the top, so theoretically I could pull it up over my head and zip myself in and then run around waving my arms at people like a headless zombie...I should totally get a picture of that.)
- skinny jeans
- Black suede boots from Urbanog
- silver hoop earrings
- gray/blue/black plaid newsboy cap from TJMaxx...several years ago...

This is my “it’s-cold-outside-and-I-just-want-to-be-warm-from-head-to-toe” look. Comfy. Cozy. Cute. Check, check, check.

And this is where I contemplate my own toes. Why? Because I’ve seen photos of people doing that on style blogs so I just assumed that’s what a style blogger does.

And then I go to reset my camera and see this...and of course I must take the photo. Gah! She’s so stinkin’ cute.

One more pose for good measure? In this one my arm is positioned perfectly to hide the pooch. And by the way, I know why Victoria’s Secret doesn’t make these sweaters anymore- they’re like Velcro. They pick up EVERYTHING. I had to get rid of a white boucle turtleneck because every time I wore it I felt like the hedgehog in the apple story- I just collected stuff. Fortunately, it doesn’t show up so much on the black. And it is SO warm & comfy.

Good, but wait...the lighting has changed and I just got photo bombed by a Doc McStuffins backpack. Curse you, Doc McStuffins! Note to self: no more photos after preschool pickup.

I have defeated the backpack, but my closet will not go down without a fight...that piece of blue grocery bag is making its escape from the closet. Curses! Foiled again!

Until we meet again, closet door....

What do you wear when you just want to be warm and comfy?

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Birthday! (or maybe not)

Welcome to my style blog and my first post, in which I show you photos where the lighting is all wrong but at least the outfit’s cute. 


- long-sleeve fitted white tee under a flowing off-white top from Sammy Dress
- clock pendant necklace (also from Sammy Dress)
- dark wash skinny jeans
- gray Fergie boots, which you can’t see all that well thanks to the fab lighting I used. But don’t worry, they’ll show up again, promise.

I decided to go “princess style” for my daughter’s birthday, since I was going to have lunch with her at school. And then when I got there she was in the clinic with a fever, so I ended up just bringing her home. *sigh*

Why am I standing in front of the phone? Am I waiting for it to ring? Who will it be? Am I the only person in America who still has a phone with a cord attached to a wall?

And what is that white thing on the floor under the phone? Why don’t I check these things before taking photographs of myself in my house?

Style blogging: it’s a learning process.

Just so you know, I have since figured out much better lighting for my photos. And I’m getting better at my placement- just took a few dozen times of running to the spot after pushing the button on my camera perched atop a stack of styrofoam cups.

No, really. Styrofoam cups. They’re my photographer.

Have you noticed that [Wearing My] Art on My Sleeve is not like other style blogs out there? Click here to find out how it was born and why it's so weird...