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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Birthday! (or maybe not)

Welcome to my style blog and my first post, in which I show you photos where the lighting is all wrong but at least the outfit’s cute. 


- long-sleeve fitted white tee under a flowing off-white top from Sammy Dress
- clock pendant necklace (also from Sammy Dress)
- dark wash skinny jeans
- gray Fergie boots, which you can’t see all that well thanks to the fab lighting I used. But don’t worry, they’ll show up again, promise.

I decided to go “princess style” for my daughter’s birthday, since I was going to have lunch with her at school. And then when I got there she was in the clinic with a fever, so I ended up just bringing her home. *sigh*

Why am I standing in front of the phone? Am I waiting for it to ring? Who will it be? Am I the only person in America who still has a phone with a cord attached to a wall?

And what is that white thing on the floor under the phone? Why don’t I check these things before taking photographs of myself in my house?

Style blogging: it’s a learning process.

Just so you know, I have since figured out much better lighting for my photos. And I’m getting better at my placement- just took a few dozen times of running to the spot after pushing the button on my camera perched atop a stack of styrofoam cups.

No, really. Styrofoam cups. They’re my photographer.

Have you noticed that [Wearing My] Art on My Sleeve is not like other style blogs out there? Click here to find out how it was born and why it's so weird...

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