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Monday, February 10, 2014

Something Very English About It

Okay, I know. When I wear my brown boots with my khaki pants I look like I'm about to go ride a horse across the English countryside.

I wish!

To be honest, I actually am an equestrian, which is probably why I do love my boots so much. And I really loved when boots came in fashion because I got to have a whole collection of them and now when I'm visiting my mom (she has horses) I can just jump on a horse without having to worry about changing into my riding gear. Well, in the fall and winter anyway. ;-)


- oatmeal-colored henley (Goodwill Outlet)

- brown v-neck sweater (Goodwill Outlet)

- pocket watch pendant necklace (Sammy Dress)

- skinny khaki chinos (Kohl's)

- brown leather belt

- brown boots

- earrings- pearls & mother-of-pearl-type stone things

With this outfit I decided to try something a little different and I paired this oatmeal-colored henley with this brown v-neck sweater. I really liked the way it looked- the layers were kind of cool. But I realized that the look was quite masculine, especially paired with the pocket-watch pendant necklace, so I thought I'd add a little more femininity with a really girly hairstyle.

This is me trying to find the back of my head with the camera. Clearly I don't actually have eyes in the back of my head. Darn.

There we go! Okay, this hairstyle looks complicated, but it takes less than five minutes, promise.

You just do two pigtails at the back of your head, close together, and rope braid each of them. Then you kind of wrap each rope braid to make a bun (2 buns- one for each rope braid) and then kind of cross them in the middle and pin the whole thing. And if I could find the pin on Pinterest that was my inspiration for this, I would share it. 

Cool, right? Hooray for quick, looks-like-they're-hard-to-do-but-really-aren't hairstyles.

Now let me introduce you to Magic Scarf. I have named this my Magic Scarf for a few reasons.

First, it was a Christmas gift from my stepmom, and it is not something I ever would have chosen for myself. The base color of the scarf is navy blue, and aside from my jeans, I just don't do navy blue.

But this scarf is magic because I have discovered that it goes with EVERYTHING.

Ooh! Are you excited? Trying out a new backdrop here- the light was reflecting off the snow outside and it made for a really cool picture spot in my living room. Thought I'd give you a better view of Magic Scarf.

Another angle so you can check out the hair...which looks messier from this angle...sigh.

And do you want to know a secret? That blasted necklace is ALWAYS trying to turn itself around like that. It drives. me. bonkers.

But that's okay, I'll just sit here and stare out the window at the beautiful snow, because I can use this picture as an author photo next time I need one. I look very scholarly with my pocket watch pendant and my layered henley and my Magic Scarf.

Thank you for behaving yourself for once, Pocket Watch.

And our bonus Keeping It Real moment for the day: I am actually falling over in the photo below. Milliseconds after this photo was taken I slammed into the closet door.

Do you see Paper Bag laughing at me from around the corner? He can be so cruel.

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