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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cozy at Home

Are you having a snow day this week too? 

Well, I don't know about you, but sometimes I just want to be cozy and comfortable when I'm at home, and this look accomplished both of those things.

This is me giving Pocket Watch a little talking to. As you can see, he 
is up to his old tricks.

(This is not me. Can ya tell?)

I actually got my style inspiration for this look from a Pinterest pin for the Jones Design Company, which showed this loose top paired with a simple cardigan. 

I wasn't sure it would work as well on me because my legs are not stick-thin like this lovely lady's, but I gave it a shot with this top and my cozy sweater, and I think it worked okay. I especially liked that I can now wear this short-sleeved top in winter as well as spring & summer. Hooray for multi-season fashion!


- White sweater, originally Charlotte Russe, but procured at Goodwill Outlet

- brown top, Goodwill Outlet

- khaki skinny chinos, Kohl's

- brown sweater boot slippers, Wal-Mart on clearance years ago

- dangly earrings

- pendant pocket watch necklace, Sammy Dress

See those brown belt-like things hanging off the bottom of the sweater? Well, don't get too attached to them because later on that day I used my scissors and snipped the seams and removed them. I could never actually use them to close the sweater, so I put them out of their misery. So fun to shop at the Goodwill Outlet because then you can take scissors to your clothes without batting an eye!

If I recall correctly, this look is on my face because I am telling one of my littles that if they run across the kitchen ONE MORE TIME they will be in some serious trouble.

What do you wear when you just want to be cozy at home?

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