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Friday, February 14, 2014

Wuuuuv, Twoooo WUUUV!

Happy Valentines Day, friends!

I teach the music to the children at church, so last Sunday I prepared a Valentines-themed lesson. I am much like Ms. Frizzle (if you don't know who she is, you must have had a very sad childhood) in that I often like to dress to match my lessons, so I went with PINK this week!

And of course because it was cold I had to do boots and tights.

Like the flower in my hair? ;-)


- pink cashmere/silk sweater, Victoria's Secret

- black scoop neck tee underneath

- floral skirt, Goodwill (this skirt is crazy comfortable- it has a smocked waistband and double layers of a lovely thin cotton- very froofy- I wear it all the time in the summer)

- black tights

- black boots

- pink earrings & necklace

- flower hair clip made by me

Happy Valentines Day!

What did you wear to celebrate twoooo wuuuuv?

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  1. Adorable! I forget about wearing a summer piece layered with tights and boots. Next time turn around so we can see the flowers in your hair better :-)

    1. Thanks, Chastity! LOL, yeah, I forgot the flower was even there until I took the photos. Ha! Next time... ;-)


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