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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Around the world in five kitchen tiles

No Attack of the Evil Closet today, but check out that awesome brown bag making an appearance there in the corner. Woohoo, glamorous stuff right there.


- gauzy white utility (safari? I don’t know, the kind with the pockets and roll-up-sleeve tab thingies) top over a white long sleeve tee (in case you haven’t noticed, I use white long-sleeve tees to transition all my spring & summer tops into winter & fall). Got this awesome top from Marshall’s last year for FOUR DOLLARS. Fo’ real. Sweet.
- dark wash skinny jeans
- gray Fergie boots 
- globe necklace from Sammy Dress
- gold (more like bronze-ish) and silver bangle bracelets from Sammy Dress

I think this contemplating-the-floor pose really works here. I like.

I was getting ready to actually GO OUT to lunch with my stepmom, which is a rare and wonderful thing. I had to take two littles with me, but I didn’t care. I was GOING OUT TO LUNCH, people!

Then my oldest woke up with severe leg pain.

No lunch.


But I still got to wear one of my favorite necklaces and walk around the house looking cute all day, which is a win in my book.

The globe really spins. Really. My 4-year-old can’t get enough of it. (And I also discovered that when the earth gets yanked off the necklace and goes flying off under the kitchen table you can pop it right back in again. True story.)

See the hair? This is one of my favorite styles- I tease my “bangs” (well, what would be my bangs if I had bangs anymore but I don’t- just the top front section of my hair) and pull them back, then do the messy bun in the back. There’s just something very casual chic about it, which was the look I was going for here. And it takes about 3 minutes to do, which is definitely a plus.

Wow, bad angle for my neck in this one. Yikes.

So do you cheat and use layers to wear your off-season stuff in the fall and winter too? And do your kids ever do you the favor of testing your jewelry resilience?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, LuAnn! Yeah, that necklace totally had my heart. I love just that touch of blue-green color too!

  2. How CUTE are you!!!! I adore your outfit and love that necklace.

    1. Aw, thanks Laura! So sweet from someone as stylish as you. ;-)


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