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Friday, February 7, 2014

Lady In Red...and why I need an instruction manual to get dressed


- red boucle cowl neck tunic sweater from Victoria’s Secret

- dark wash skinny jeans

- black suede boots from Urbanog

- silver hoop earrings

It was a cold, snowy day people. This is me wanting to be nothing but WARM! 
(Okay, I wanted to be cute too, but that was just a happy side effect of the warm.) 

Okay, now it’s confession time. It is not easy figuring out a cowl neck sweater. When I first got it I kept searching the box to find an instruction page for how the heck to wear the thing. Do I roll it down? Fold it somehow? Scrunch it? They make it look soooo easy in the catalogs. They lure you in and then you get your box in the mail, you excitedly take out your sweater and pull it on and then...

Well, obviously I did figure it out eventually. And FYI, if you take your kids for a walk around the neighborhood wearing your cowl neck sweater like this, you’re gonna get a lot of strange looks. 

Just so you know.

Have you ever owned an article of clothing that had you stumped as to how to wear it?

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