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Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring in February

Something very exciting happened one Saturday evening. 

I checked the weather report and saw a "6" at the beginning of the high temperature for the next day. 


Clearly, it was a cause for celebration (even Paper Bag came back for the occasion).

This is me studying legs that are seeing the light of day for the first time in months. I shaved. It's a big deal, believe me. Just ask my husband.

I accidentally closed my eyes on this one but it almost works, so I kept it. It's, like, whimsical or something.

Okay, wearing:

- lace top by Mudd, bought just this month (with a birthday gift card) at Kohl's on clearance for $3.80. I am really really hoping to find a white or cream shirt to go underneath it that has the exact same shape- it has a gorgeous scoop neck AND back and elbow-length sleeves, and I would love to wear it in the summer. Until then I can layer it with other stuff to make it work.

- cream cardigan with lace trim at the bottom (also from Kohl's)

- pink/white/tan striped skirt bought several, several years ago- it's kind of chevron which is really in right now.

- tan (nude? cream?) satin slingbacks- also old- which I adore because they are the perfect shoe for when you want to wear something springy but it's just too early in the year for white shoes (I'm traditional that way)

- my grandmother's pearl bracelet, which I love because I have freakishly small wrists and so did she so it's the only bracelet I've ever owned (other than bangles and cuffs) that I've never had to shorten.

- a goooorgeous (if I do say so myself) bird necklace from Kohl's purchased the same day as the lace top- I almost didn't buy this but it was just so sweet and only $3.80 and it's one of those things that you just know people are going to think is so pretty because...well, because it is. It just made me happy.

See? Birdie happiness right there. :-)

And then I let my 4-year-old take a photo. 


If it were in the 60's on a Sunday in winter where you live, what would you wear?

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